Photograph of Tanden Launder


Thrux Lawrence is the culmination of my love for design and my background in business. I learned at a young age the love of dealing in vintage goods. By the time I reached my late teens I had an impressive collection of antiques. To this day my favorite buy was my first. I was twelve. It was a shoulder mounted African wildebeest. I named him Lawrence.

I also have dabbled in mixed-media art. In the last few years, I have produced a few Americana mixed-media pieces. You can find out more at

I have integrated my “finds” into my lifestyle: I’ve collected the oldest backpacks, toughest belts, and the most rugged boots. I wondered, “Why are the store-bought products I purchased last year falling apart, while the goods I found in barns and garages, 4 and 5 times my age, keep getting better with time?” I took the challenge; and started Thrux Lawrence with the goal to develop goods to last for years.

Tanden Launder


The aim of our company is simple: a sleeves-up approach to developing a line of essentials with timeless appeal, made in America by artisans, and released in limited supply in order to keep the company personal and hands-on. Consciously limiting the company’s growth allows us to pay more attention to our ideals. We believe that friendships and loyalty’s to customers as well with artisans, and suppliers are the most important.


We start with the fundamental concept: “This design needs to be better, last longer, and function more smoothly.” We continually examine our collection to identify keys to longevity, and style. Once we combine the details, refine the function, and add “heft” to materials, we prototype the item, field test it, then collaborate with artisans for the build.

Limited Supply

We limit our output by releasing product batches of fewer than 100 pieces. We strive for repeatable quality and attention to the needs of the customers. We are not about building a big-brand but a loyal one.

Made in the USA

At one point in time, “Made in USA” was synonymous with quality. We want to uphold that tradition. Our products are constructed in the US with nearly all of the components sourced here as well. With every new production we find ways to replace imported components with quality, American-made materials. With the end goal of our product being certifiably 100% AMERICAN BUILT.